15th  LS-DYNA® International Conference  & Users Meeting

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Pre Conference 1 day Class In LS-DYNA

  PDF  Intro to ICFD
  PDF  Intro to LS-TaSC
  PDF  Intro to Isogeometric Analysis
  PDF  LS-PrePost
  PDF  Airbag Folding and Morphing
  PDF  Material Characterization Test to LS-DYNA
  PDF  Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics in LS-DYNA
  PDF  Simulation of Explosives

Post Conference 2 day Classes In LS-DYNA

  PDF   Introduction to Metalforming
  PDF   Introduction to LS-OPT
  PDF   Failure Fracture & Damage
  PDF   Nonlinear Implicit analysis
  PDF   NVH and Frequency Domain
  PDF   Adv FEM & Meshfree for Mfg. & Failure
  PDF   Adv Applications of ALE & S-ALE
  PDF   ALE & Fluid Structure Interaction
  PDF   Material & Failure modeling of Metal sheets
               and Extrusions